Acreage & large block Maintenance


If you live on a large block or acreage property we understand how easy it is for the grass, weeds and overgrowth to rapidly start taking over and quickly become a big job to regain control of. We use large, heavy duty commercial grade equipment that can make quick work of those large areas of grass that have become too long, weeds that have become to thick and overgrown as well as having the knowledge and efficiency to carry out those intimidating tasks quickly in a way that will keep them under control for longer.


Residential yards and gardens


We believe that gardens are a place of growth, tranquility, beauty and even bounty in a lot of cases however we also understand that it is not always possible to find the time to make it or keep it that way. This is what we enjoy doing so we are happy to find out what it is you want from your garden and provide advise and share ideas with you, free of charge, to come up with a cost effective way of achieving just that.


We have access to a huge variety of premium quality plants as well herbs and vegetable seedlings at great prices which we can help you choose and put in place and advise you on how to maintain to get the most from your garden.


Whether you require a reliable, efficient regular lawn & garden maintenance service, a one off big garden clean up to get on top and remove all of the overgrowth that has built up or someone to help you design or redesign you new or existing garden to suit your requirements then we are here to help.

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